Read Instructions

Please adhere to the guidelines below. 

Team Registration

In order to participate in the Odysseus Contest you have to be member of a team of 2-5 students.  Teams participating in the contest should have a teacher as a coach.  You could register your team in the contest only through the Odysseus website .You should provide a valid email account for all members of your team and each member should confirm electronically his / her registration and the password for his / her team’s account.  You should also provide certain registration information including their date of birth and the school they are attending.

Before completing registration students should review with their teacher / coach the Odysseus Contest Rules and Legal Terms.  You must have your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to participate in the contest and therefore in order to enable us to approve your team’s registration you should return to your team coach a completed Parental Consent Form, signed by your parent or legal guardian.

Finally, team coaches should approve on behalf of the whole team the Odysseus Contest Rules and Legal Terms.


Develop a Project

Participants should firstly choose the thematic category in which they would like to compete (a) Solar System, b) Spaceship – global cooperation and c) Co-evolution of life).Then you should think about the specific subject(s) or problem(s) you would like to explore and select the type of project you want to develop (experiment, video, prototype, presentation etc.).

You should then make research about the selected topic (research in libraries and on line, observations and experiments, interviews etc.) and design the solution or the final deliverable of your work.

Consult your coach about the feasibility and scientific validity of your idea and divide the work between your team members.

Develop your project in accordance with the Odysseus contest requirements and ensure that you avoid plagiarized material.

Provide evidence to show how your project is innovative and relevant to the thematic category you choose. Use the information and the data you collected while conducting interviews, experiments, observations and research at the library or online.

You are advised to complete the project worksheet in any of the official EU languages and to provide all necessary references for your project. Templates of the project worksheet can be downloaded from the Odysseus Contest website.

Test the results and the presentation of the project with your coach and revise it if necessary.  Before you finalize it, discuss with your coach how you developed and revised your project based on your research and the knowledge learned in the classroom.


Submit your Entry

Upload your project in the Odysseus contest platform by following the submission instructions provided in the relevant section of the website. You are strongly advised to include a project worksheet in the template provided by the organizers.Your entry will not be judged on the length of your project, but on the overall quality, analysis and presentation of your work.  You could revise your entry until the deadline for submissions (midnight (CET) of 15 February 2013).  You are encouraged to upload your entry as soon as you complete the initial draft and make any appropriate changes until the closing date of submissions.

Please note that you will only be able to upload one entry only, so each time you upload a new version of your entry the previous versions are removed from the Odysseus contest platform.   Make sure that you create a backup copy of your latest version of your project.  All members of the team would receive by the organizers a notification email each time you submit a new version of your entry.

If you are selected for the final round you must then submit a summary or a translation of the whole project in English