ILost team

Gymnasium Hubeneho of Bratislava, Slovakia
First place in the Solar System Category
Project: “An Abundance Comparison and Distribution of C, S, O and noble gasses He, Ar and Ne in the Atmosphere of Jupiter”

Exoplants team

Pelopium Lyceum, Greece
First place in the Co-evolution of life Category
Project: “What colour would plants have on another planet?”

Bay House School team

Bay House School, United Kingdom
First place in the Spaceship – Global cooperation Category
Project: “INTERcore”


Strado Sphere team

Farsund Kristne GrunnSkole, Norway
First place in the Non-EU category (Spaceship – Global cooperation theme)
Project: “An exploration of the effects of extreme altitude on the harmonics of vibrating metal wires from a miniature violin.”


Orion IMS team

Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science, Romania
First place in public voting (Co-evolution of life theme)
Project: “Orion Innovative Modular Settlement”