Bay House School team

Bay House School, United Kingdom

"I learnt a lot about space exploration during the project but also about the importance of planning and getting things done."

Samuel Thompson is a student of the Bay House School. He always has been interested in many areas of Science. He wants to do a degree in dentistry. Samuel is a member of a Kung-Fu/ fitness club. He plays the cornet, swims and he is in his area youth and county training brass bands.

"I have always had a fascination with space (...) because space is so unknown to us and holds the potential for an endless possibility of things somewhere out there."

Jack Marshall is a student of Bay House School. His favourite subject is music technology as he has a great interest in music and really enjoys creating it. In the future I would like to be either a writer, a music producer or do something towards video gaming.

Daniel Ellis has attended schools in England, Germany and Australia and currently attends Bay House School.

He has been shortlisted for an Engineering Scholarship with the Arkwright Trust. He plans to study Maths, Physics and Electronic Systems at A Level before reading engineering at University where he hopes to specialise in Biomimetic, Robotics or Mechatronics. In addition to his interest in Engineering, he has been fascinated by space ships and rockets; His hobbies include kayaking, fishing, remote control cars...

Ellen Watts is a student of the Bay House School.

She has had a keen interest in space and physics since she was very young and aspires to study Astrophysics and Cosmology at Oxford University and to then pursue this career in the future. She already gained experience of working in the field of space with a week's work experience at ESOC (Darmstadt), four days at Eumetsat (Darmstadt) in July 2012 and two days at NATS (National Air Traffic Control Services in Whiteley, England). Her hobbies include writing (she has being published in four Young Writer's poetry books), singing and acting, sport, languages (Chinese, French), reading and astronomy.

Jack Turner is 16 years old and he is currently undertaking his GCSE's at Bay House School and Sixth Form. He has lived in Gosport the majority of his life having also lived in North East Wales. Jack has always had interests in Sci-Fi fiction since being inspired by George Lucas' Star Wars. Since then he has had a big admiration of space travel.

In the future Jack wishes to become an IT teacher, playing at his recently developed IT skill. He was recently awarded the position of a school perfect. He is also a Corporal in the Air Training Corps at 1350 Squadron, his responsibilities include lecturing the new recruits on topics such Initial Expedition Training in preparation for upcoming expeditions being offered. I also provide helpful advice on things such as uniform and drill to make them the best Cadets they can possibly be, when they become part of the main Squadron.

Mr Ian Lowther is 49 years old and lives in Titchfield Common near Portsmouth. He is currently a Science Teacher specialising in Physics at Bay House School. His particular interest is in Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Ian gained his honours degree in Physics and Chemistry at Manchester Polytechnic. After that his first professional position was working for the MOD as a Health Physicist in Radiation Protection before he joined the teaching profession in 1990.

Ian has had a diverse range of experiences outside teaching including working as a milkman, a lifeguard, swimming instructor and working in the radiotherapy department of a hospital. For many years cycling has been an absorbing interest. He cycles to work each day not just for fitness but also as part of his general interest and concern for the environment. In the past he has shared his interest with students by organising cycling holidays and as a cycle training instructor. He enjoys walking and bird watching and he is a member of the RSPB. Holidays usual involve camping and hill walking, especially in the Lake District. He also has an interest in Hi-Fi and enjoys listening to a wide range of music.

"The contest really helped to build our ability to work as a team and to a deadline; skills that could prove extremely useful in future."

Choosing our theme was the first thing we did because we wanted to be clear and focused from the start; we chose Spaceship-Global cooperation because it was the area where we had the most interest and we liked the sort of project it potentially allowed us to do. Ellen had the idea of choosing Comet S1 2012/ISON before we started because it is passing in the near future and we felt that it fitted our project well.

Our coach provided vital help in the project. He made sure we were organised from the beginning and really made sure we kept to time and pushed us to get ahead, he also helped with parts of the science aspects in our project. Additionally, our maths teacher was of great help as she kindly spent many hours working with us; giving us advice on how to use the different equations. Subsequently we learned various new areas of maths, physics and chemistry.

Project: "INTERcore - INTERnational Comet Observer and REsearcher"

The aim of the project was to visit a comet and, using a probe analyse it for any evidence that comets could have brought the key building blocks of life to earth.

The topics were:

  • Global co-operation: How different nations could contribute to the construction of the spacecraft, probe and its control.
  • Research of comets, with extra focus on comet 2012 S1
  • Design of the probe, and how they will be controlled and monitored
  • Decision on the lifting module required

The main conclusion was where such a mission would be possible and answers the aims above in detail, however we would not be able to answer our hypothesis unless it was actual mission was carried out.