Orion IMS team

Cristian Zaharia is a student of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science. Cristian is very interested in Physics, Computer Science, computer graphics and design. During high school he received numerous awards at national and international Physics contests and Olympiads (a bronze medal at Tuymaada Olyimpiad in Russia, a silver medal at the European Union Science Olympiad and a silver medal at Zhautykov Olympiad in Kazakhstan).

Because of his strong penchant towards physics, he would like to pursue a science career. Christian likes very much to travel and to spend time with his friends.

Horia Clement is a student of the Stanford Online High School. Among other things, he has finished in first place in the American Computer Science League (programming Section), he got the second prize of Cassini 'Scientist for a Day' and finished in top 5% the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Course.

Horia is interested in attending a top university in the USA, especially Stanford. He wants to major in a combination of Science and Technology and later on, to start a venture in Silicon Valley. His hobbies include soccer, computer science programming, video and photo editing, reading History Books, travelling, web design and music.

Ioana Bica is a student of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science. She is interested in sciences, especially computer science, but she also enjoys volunteering in various activities and helping out other people. She received a silver medal at the National Olympiad of Informatics, second prize at 'NASA Cassini Scientists for a Day Essay Contest' (2011 and 2012) and she participated to 'International Masterclass Hands on Particle Physics'. Ioana is a member of Red Cross since March 2012. In the future, she plans to follow a career in Computer Science, but also to continue her volunteering activities. During her free time, Ioana takes pleasure in reading, travelling and spending time with her friends.

Matei Militaru is a student of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science. He is interested in sciences; physics and biology especially intrigue him. He received a third prize at 'NASA Cassini Scientists for a Day Essay Contest' in 2013 and a third prize at the National Physics Contest 'Hands on Universe' in 2013. He has also participated to the Physics Olympiad every year. During his free time, Matei volunteers to help children at his local orphanage. His hobbies are playing the guitar and listening to rock music. In the future, he wants to become a doctor.

Stefan Gramatovici is a student of Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science.

He won the Gold medals at the Junior Balkan Olympiad in Mathematics (2010, 2011), a Silver medals at International Tuymaada Olympiad (2011, 2012), a Silver Medal at Zhautykov International Olympiad (2011, 2012, 2013) as well as a Gold Medal at the Romanian National Olympiad (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

In the future he intends to study in a top university. Stefan is interested in Mathematics and Physics and in all applications of Mathematics in day-to-day life. He enjoys spending time with his friends, reading, cycling, skiing and many similar activities.

Ms Stoica has been teaching high-school Physics for 20 years. She graduated from NASA Space Academy for Educators (2007) and NASA Advanced Space Academy for Educators (2010). She also took part in the CERN High School Teachers Programme (2011), EinsteinPlus 2012 International Teacher's Workshop (Perimeter Institute, Canada), and ESA CanSat Training Course for Teachers (2012). Ioana loves to teach, to bring sounds and colours into the life of her students. She likes to involve her students in many scientific projects and Physics competitions.

"While looking at the star filled sky and thinking about the fact that people alleys migrated to find better life conditions, we started dreaming of space colonization. This was the setting stone of our project."

Through this project the ambition of the Orion team had a real coverage and that was to integrate all their dreams regarding space exploration. After many days of exchanging ideas, exhaustively searching for information, and meticulously making other adjustments, they finally succeeded to make a cohesive project, to leave all incongruous data apart and to place all the elements in such a way that they would tell a consistent, homogeneous story.

Project: "Orion Innovative Modular Settlement"

Mars, the red planet, raised hundreds of questions since its discovery and, therefore, inspired the Orion team to find out more about it. From their point of view, building a space settlement around Mars will not only help us sustain the present, but also prepare for the future. They identified several basic needs, which must be satisfied in order to provide a decent living for the inhabitants of Mars. These crucial areas will need to be heavily regulated, in order to maintain a safe environment. The project outlined a way to space exploration, which will lead human to new discoveries and to a new way of living.