Odysseus website seeks to present to young students material and examples of projects on space exploration. The Odysseus library aims to be entertaining and educational at the same time, suggesting interesting links on science and space and incorporating material that it is hoped to encourage students to become informed and creative and to develop successful projects.

Participants to the Odysseus contest are strongly encouraged to make their own research to enrich and document their ideas.  Participating teams may – and are advised to – use ideas, material and knowledge that are available in the web and in libraries as long as they make specific reference to them and do not plagiarise or copy other people’s work in the project they are submitting to the contest.

In this section students could find information on the content of the contest’s themes, examples of successful projects submitted on other relevant contests and links related to space.

Odysseus consortium would like to thank Dr. Nick Sergis for his contribution in the descriptions of the contest’s categories.

A great number of websites can provide inspiration and assistance you may need for your project.  Information on space exploration can be found at: