Co-evolution of life

Projects submitted to this theme category should be aligned with one of the following subcategories:

  • A potential mission or part of a mission (e.g. an instrument or an experiment) with focus on the search for traces of past or present life activity in extra-terrestrial environment.
  • The search for evidence of earth-like conditions and life-favorable environment (e.g. presence of an atmosphere, tolerable range of temperatures etc) or define the conditions for evolution of life in other objects, using either earth-based observations or a space mission.
  • The design, construction and maintenance of a life support environment at any desirable spatial scale, placed in a spacecraft or in a solar system body.
  • The search of extra-terrestrial energy resources that can be potentially exploitable with current or future technology.
  • Issues that concern the health of the crew of a manned space mission, space station or a station in a solar system object. Nutrition, exercise and medical care could be among the subjects.
  • The attempt of the human kind to send out the message of its existence and reach an extra-terrestrial civilization, encoding as much information as possible regarding our planet, its position, the nature of life on Earth, and our level of development.

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