Evaluators in Hungary
Mr. Krisztian Sarneczky, Researcher at the Konkoly Observatory, Hungary Mr. Sarneczky is an expert on astrometry and discovery of small Solar System bodies (leader of the SZTE Asteroid Program) and in observation and discovery of supernovae (member of the SZTE Bright Supernova Observing Group). He was awarded with the first prize in Physics-Earth at the National Young Scientists’ Conference (OTDK). Mr. Sarneczky is secretary of the Hungarian Astronomical Association (HAA), a high-school extracurricular tutor and since 1990 he gives regular public lectures and telescopical presentations.
Dr. Zsolt Kovari, Senior Research Fellow, Konkoly Observatory, Hungary Dr. Kovari, is a teacher of Astronomy, Physics & Mathematics and a science journalist. He is the editor and scientific advisor of popular scientific TV programmes in Hungary and has translated various informative books and articles on astronomy and space science.
Mr. Ferenz Horvai