The Prize

The three winning teams plus the most favourable team of the participants’ voting will win a four days educational trip to Germany and the Netherlands. The members of the four teams, including their coaches, will have the chance to visit the European Astronaut Centre in Portz-Wahn near Köln, Germany and to enjoy a tour in the astronauts training facilities, to meet with astronauts and to learn all about the selection, recruitment and training of ESA’s astronauts for space missions.  The next day, the winners will visit the Space Expo, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, where they will be able to experience the simulated launch and landing of the Soyuz spacecraft, to explore the International Space Station’s Columbus laboratory, and to find out about astronauts and how they live and work in space.   In addition the winning teams will visit the European Space Research and Technology Center of ESA, where satellites are tested before launch.  Winners will get the chance to see the various labs where this happens, including the shaker table that recreates the earthquake-like vibration of a rocket launch.   Finally, the winning teams will be invited to the awards ceremony that will also take place in the premises of Space Expo. All travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for by the Odysseus contest.

All teams that submit entries will receive certificates of participation.  Teams that finish in the top in their country and enter the final round will receive certificates of distinction.