lLost team

"The Odysseus contest became an inseparable part of my life and I will certainly never forget any part of it."

Michaela Brchnelova is a student of the High School Hubeneho. She became interested in astrophysics 7 years ago. The membership in Astronomical Club of Bratislava made her today being absolutely dedicated to it. Her dream is to study high-energy physics or astrophysics.

She loves the research on space. She takes part in several projects about cosmological simulations of galactic collisions and the X-ray research of Tycho SNR with XMM Newton for example. Besides astronomy and high energy physics, Michaela is also totally keen on classical, orchestral music and has been playing the flute for more than 9 years.

Valentina Cepcova is a student of the High School Hubeneho. She was always interested in everything what was unknown to her and in finding possibilities of how to broaden her mind and gain new experiences.

Besides space, she is really into biology and especially microbiology. Valentina also loves learning about human body and health, and this is why she is considering a medical career. In her free time she likes listen to music- mostly indie rock, guitar playing, English learning, reading books and going roller-blading.

"This contest not only was a great experience for me, but it has also made me a huge fan of science and space exploration."

Marek Holiencin is a student of the High School Hubeneho. He has a huge interest in technology and in cosmonautics, astronomy and space as well.

Beside science Marek also likes watching TV series of all kinds and reading sci-fi books. Marek likes learning foreign languages; he learns English and German and Russian. He is considering a career in the technology field. He would like to study computer science or something similar.

"Working with my gorgeous team was a really good opportunity to get to know how work in a team."

Roman Sekej has strong interest for astronomy and cosmonautics. Beside science, Roman enjoys reading books, surfing on Internet and listening to music.

Ms Bartozelova lives in a village near Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. She has graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Comenius University in Bratislava and today she works as a physics teacher in the Gymnasium Hubeneho. In her free time she enjoys reading books, taking walks in nature and traveling.

"Our research gave us much experience, knowledge and fun"

The Ilost team was created in October 2012 after the group met in the Euro Space Center, where they attended astronaut training. It was the Expedition Mars contest that got them interested in cosmonautics and after the end of their stay in ESC, they decided to enter another competition related to space.

After endless treadmill of discussions about the topic, they finally agreed on the solar system. Since the Jupiter is sufficiently well observable and has always fascinated them in certain way without any reason, they have decided to focus on this target.

Project: "An Abundance Comparison and Distribution of C, S, O and noble gasses He, Ar and Ne in the Atmosphere of Jupiter"

The project aimed to determine the distribution of helium and heavy elements C, S, O, Ar and Ne known to be present the atmosphere of Jupiter. Through the observations made on particular wavelength scales the team created distribution maps and flux profiles demonstrating the amount of particular element on the latitude axis from south to north. The results show that the amount of helium utterly exceeds all the other elements and is present almost in all regions of the atmosphere. On the other hand, the more unusual elements including noble gases show up to be present only in certain specific latitudes and based on the comparison of distribution profiles, their location is considered highly irregular and unique.