Finalists from the non-EU countries announced, 19 March 2013

The finalists from the non-EU countries in the three theme categories are the following:

A.      Solar System: 

  • Team: Martian Cronicles, Belarus
  • Project Title: On the Possible Consequences of the Fall of Phobos on Mars

B.      Co-evolution of life

  • Team: Kakrable, Belarus
  • Project Title: Kakrable: the search for the life in the Solar system and beyond its borders

C.      Spaceship-Global cooperation:

  • Team: Strado-Sphere, Norway
  • Project Title: STRADO-SPHERE! An exploration of the effects of extreme altitude on the harmonics of vibrating metal wires from a miniature violin.

The three projects will now compete for the top prize and the best team will join the three winners from the EU in the trip to the European Astronaut Centre in Germany and to the SpaceExpo in the Netherlands.