Assessment Process

All entries must be submitted between 1 July 2012 and 15 February 2013.  The assessment of entries is divided into two rounds: National semi-finals and European final.  Each of them develops as follows:

During the first round, the National semi-final a judging panel of national evaluators will screen the entries of each country.  Per country, the best entry in each of the three categories will be nominated to go on to the second round.   Judges will provide all teams with written feedback on their project and executive summary.  The initial assessment procedure will lead to the creation of a pool of 28 projects per category or 84 projects in total.

In the final round, the European final, the 28 projects per category will be assessed comparatively by the project’s International Scientific Committee, who will choose the best project from each Contest category.  The winner is the team that scores the most points during the judging.

In parallel, the participating teams will also vote through the Odysseus website for public prize.  The most favourable team / project of the participants’ voting, will join as the forth winner the three teams that will be selected by the project’s International Scientific Committee. *Note that after the closing of entries submission all projects will be open to the public through the Odysseus website.

Assessment Process for teams from non-EU countries
The entries from the 16 non-EU countries should be submitted only in English and they will be assessed in two rounds.In the first round each project from these 16 non-EU countries will be assessed by at least two evaluators from a panel of international judges from the European Physical Society.  One team per theme category will be selected for the second round of evaluation.

In the second round two different evaluators will reassess the three projects, advanced from the first round and the team with the highest score will also win a trip to Germany and the Netherlands, sponsored by European Physical Society.