Evaluators in Austria
Dr. Dietmar Hager, F.R.A.S. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society Dr Hager is Astrophotographer with more than 20 years experience in local and remote observatories. Dr Hager has participated in various public presentations and workshops upon astronomy, cosmogony on numerous places throughout Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and USA. He has numerous publications of astro-photos in all sort of media like NASA-APOD, books, videos, movies, teaching-books, etc. He has been awarded with several prices for astrophotography. Dr Hager is counselor to the Ars Electronica Center and outreach partner in the ESO Public.
Dr. Mag. Gerhard Rath, Didactics of Physics, University of Graz Dr. Rath was the chairman of EAAE Austria (European Association of Astronomy in Education) between 1995 and 2001. He installed a Johannes Kepler Museum and an Observatory at the Kepler Gymnasium Graz. Dr. Rath was the Chair Organization of various international contests in Austria, including “Astronomy on line”, “Sea and Space” and EUHOU Austria (European Hands on Universe)