Evaluators in Belgium
Dr. Patricia Lampens, Head of the Department of Astrometry and Dynamics of Celestial Objects at the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Dr Lampens possesses wide scientific and research experience in the field of stellar astrophysics. She specializes in observational astronomy, astrometry, photometric and spectroscopic techniques, stellar physics (structure and evolution), double and multiple star systems and pulsating (variable) stars. Dr. Lampens is the author of many scientific papers and referee reports and she has also worked on issues of women in science.
Mr. Ronald Van der Linden, Director General of the Royal Observatory of Belgium Mr Van der Linden, has long experience in science and project management. His research interests include Solar Physics and plasma astrophysics, solar activity, Space Weather, Numerical simulations, general knowledge of astronomy, astrophysics and earth sciences.
Prof.Dr. Stefaan Poedts, Professor at the KU Leuven Professor Poedts has wide research experience in solar astrophysics and space weather. He is the co-author of two CUP books and his scientific publications include more than 220 journal articles and more than 160 proceedings papers. He is Co-Investigator in the IRIS mission (NASA) and has served on several NASA Review Panels. Prof. Poedts is also Co-Investigator in the STEREO mission, in the SDO mission, the PROBA-2 mission and in the EUI proposal for the Solar Orbiter mission. He was member of the ESA Solar System Working Group (2008-2010), chairman of Payload Review Committee for PROBA-3 mission (2010) and chairman of the ESA Space Weather Working Team (member since 2002).
Dr. Norma Crosby, scientist at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy