Evaluators in Italy
Ms. Silvia Galano Ms. Galvano holds a degree with first-class honors in Astrophysics and Space Science from the University of Naples Federico II in 2011. She recently published, together with Prof. Massimo Capaccioli, the book “Arminio Nobile e la misura del cielo”. Her interests include secondary school education and history of science.
Prof. Luigi Antonio Smaldone, Associated Professor of Astrophysics at “Federico II” Naples University Professor Smaldone was an astronomer at Capodimonte – Napoli Astronomical Observatory (1977-1985). He is a member of International Astronomical Union and European Astronomical Society and since 2008 is the scientific director of Caserta Planetarium. Prof. Smaldone’s scientific interests focus on Experimental Solar Activity (solar flares, two-dimension solar spectroscopy; dynamics of the solar atmosphere; correlations between magnetic and velocity fields in solar features).
Mr. Sergio Del Gaudio, Researcher in RISSC Sergio Del Gaudio holds a master degree in physics, and he is a member of RISSC-Lab (the unit of experimental and computational seismology of Naples Universiry). His research interests include the study of propagation of elastic waves and the characteristics of seismic sources. He has also good knowledge of several programming languages.
Mr. Andrea Bianco