Evaluators in Lithuania
Professor Grazina Tautvaisiene, Leading researcher and director at the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (ITPA), Vilnius University (VU) Prof. Tautvaisiene is the organizer of summer schools for young astronomers (1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2012), referee of European Science Foundation, former leader of a number of EC funded projects, actively acting in the field of science popularization by supervising this work at the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory of the ITPA, Vilnius University.
Assoc. Prof. Jokubas Sudzius, Associate Professor at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University Prof. Sudzius’ research interests include physics of stars and interstellar matter, history of astronomy and space research. He has been a lecturer of various astronomy courses at the university of Vilnius and he was one of the organizers of national Olympiads in astronomy for high school students. Prof. Sudzius was the team leader of national teams at the international Olympiads in astronomy for high school students.
Assoc. Prof. Romualda Lazauskaite, Associate professor at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Prof. Lazauskaite has 19 years experience in teaching of astronomy for future teachers of the secondary schools at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. She also has few years experience in evaluation of the pupil research works at the Lithuanian national contests and was a member of jury of national and international Olympiads of astronomy.