Evaluators in the Netherlands
Prof. dr. Frank Israel, Adjunct faculty at Leiden Observatory, University of Leiden Dr. Israel’s research interests include Molecular ISM, Galaxy Centers, Dwarf Galaxies & Magellanic Clouds, Star Formation.
Mr. Bart Reijnen, CEO Dutch Space B.V., Chairman SpaceNed, Association of Space Companies in the Netherlands Mr. Reijnen holds a Master degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Technology in Delft, department Flight Dynamics, Stability & Control and Simulation. His expertise & skills range from project management, business development to general management in both SME-sized and large corporate organisations in an international aerospace environment.
Mr. Piet Smolders, Free lance space writer Mr. Smolders writes on astronomy and spaceflight for more than 50 years. His first article in newspaper was in April 1958, just after the first Sputnik. He has done lots of work for Radio and TV and he is the author of thousands of articles on space, including 50 books. Mr. Smolders is a honorary member of Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart and a member of the Academy of Cosmonautics Russia. The Asteroid 10983 was named after him.