Evaluators in Poland
Prof. Jan Mostowski, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences Dr. Mostowski’s main research interests are in theoretical quantum optics, a field in which he has published around 80 papers. He has extensive experience of teaching physics at university and in high school, and is a co-author of a textbook on physics for high-school students and a problem book in quantum mechanics. For the last ten years, he has been involved in the International Physics Olympiad and since 2010 editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Physics.
Dr. Weronika Sliwa, Head of the Planetarium Department, Copernicus Science Centre Warsaw Dr Weronika Sliwa obtained PhD in astronomy in 2002 and she is now the head of the Planetarium at Copernicus Science Centre. She is one of the editors of the polish popular science magazine `Wiedza i Zycie’, and she has contributed to many other science magazines. Dr Sliwa is the author of textbooks on physics and astronomy for secondary schools.