Evaluators in Portugal
Dr. David Luz, Associate researcher. Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics of the University of Lisbon Dr Luz is a planetary scientist. He is a member of the Venus Express mission’s VIRTIS team and of the worldwide network of ground-based support observers. Dr Luz characterizes the atmospheric dynamics of Venus by determining the magnitude of the winds and combining ground and space-based observations and modeling techniques to understand its governing mechanisms.
Dr. Pedro Manuel Edmond Reis da Silva Augusto, Aggregate Assistant Professor at the University of Madeira Dr. Augusto has 28 ISI publications in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Instrumentation, and one PT patent. He was the supervisor of many PhD/MSc students and created masters in Instrumentation. Dr. Augusto has a record of 46 scientific communications, organization of conferences, PI of four national research projects, 208 popular communications of science (including 51 observing sessions and 30 hands-on projects).
Dr. Rosa Doran, Head of NUCLIO Dr. Doran is coordinator of outreach astronomy education activities for NUCLIO (a nonprofit astronomers association in Portugal). She has coordinated several outreach and educational projects such as conferences, science fairs, public talks for teachers and public in general. She has experience in promoting science projects in school as she has reached more than 1000 schools in Portugal, especially in the scope of the EU-HOU/GTTP projects where more than 500 teachers were trained in Portugal and more than 50 schools were involved in projects implementing real science in schools.
Dr. José Laurindo de Góis Nóbrega Sobrinho, assistant Professor at the Universidade da Madeira Dr. José Laurindo de Góis Nóbrega Sobrinho is assistant Professor at the Universidade da Madeira. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Physics in 2011. He is member of the EPS Astronomy Group since 2000 and coordinator since October 2010.