Evaluators in Romania
Dr. Alexandru Marcu, Lecturer at the University of Babes-Bolyai, Faculty of Physics, Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics Dr. Marcu’s research interests focus on waves and oscillations in solar atmosphere, Magnetoseismology, Satellite data acquisitions, simulations (SOHO, TRACE, HINODE) and on theoretical and Observational Studies on Algol Y Leonis system.
Radu Constantinescu, Professor of Physics, University of Craiova Dr. Radu Constantinescu is a professor at the University of Craiova, where he lectures physics courses. His domain of research is theoretical and mathematical physics. He is a member of many societies promoting physics and mathematics in Europe.
Dr Ionel Lazanu, Professor of Physics, University of Bucharest Dr Ionel Lazanu is Professor at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest where he obtained his BSc in Physics, Master’s degree in Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics and his PhD in Radiation Physics. The current teaching activities include courses of Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles, Cosmology, Astroparticles and Astrophysics. The research areas cover the interactions of particles (also neutrinos, exotic particles, dark matter components) in matter and detection techniques; particle physics and cosmological aspects; nuclear physics.
Dimitru Vulcanov, Researcher, West University of Timisoara Dimitru Vulcanov is a researcher of the West University of Timisoara in the general relativity, cosmology, numerical and symbolic computation in general relativity and cosmology, space technology. He is also evaluator for Romanian space agency.
Ms Chicinas Luminita, School inspector for physics subject Ms Chicinas Luminita is a physics teacher in upper secondary schools. She is also school inspector for physics at Cluj County School Inspectorate, Sciences and RWCT teachers’ trainer in topics: inquiry based learning, concept building, hands-on learning; and trainer of trainers. She is in charge of the design and evaluation of several scientific contests and competitions: National Science Festival, Science on Stage, EU-HOU, WSW, Physics and Astronomy Olympiads.
Prof. Ovidiu Florin Caltun, Professor, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi Dr. Calutn is full professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is doing researches in Material Science and Physics Education. He is trainer in pre service and in service Science teachers’ education programmes. He is director, member and/or evaluator of international and national projects focused on NanoScience and Science Education.