Evaluators in Slovakia
Dr. Marian Kires, Associate professor in Physics Education Dr. Kires is the national coordinator for the FP7 projects “Establish” and “SAILS”. He is member of the national board Science on Stage Slovakia, Physics Olympiad and team leader for the Young scientists tournament. Dr. Kires has worked extensively with gifted students by using computer based measurements and multimedia in education.
Dr. Ivan Kosinar, Lecturer at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia Dr. Kosinar’s fields of expertise are Plasma and Environmental Physics. In the past he was deputy of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia in ISC of conferences ESCAMPIG. He has organized conferences on processes in low temperature plasma physics. Dr. Kosinar was a jury member in various international and national contests in physics, e.g. International Young Physicists Tournament, 2005 WYP, High School Contest.
Dr. Juraj Zverko, Retired scientist of the Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences Dr. Zverko has wide experience on stellar physics, stellar atmospheres, binaries, photometry, spectroscopy and observations. In the past he has contributed in the organization of Olympiads in astronomy for students.