Evaluators in Spain
Dr. Carlos Untiedt, Associated Professor, University of Alicante Dr. Carlos Untiedt works at the Universidad de Alicante in the area of electronic transport in nanostructures and his research papers have been published in Nature or the Phys. Rev. Lett.. He has supervised three Ph.D. thesis and has managed several different research projects as PI. Dr. Untiedt is also board Member of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics, where he is involved in the organization of the Spanish national Olympiad of Physics.
Prof. Jose Tornos Gimeno, Optics Professor in the Applied Physics Department of the University of Zaragoza Prof. Tornos has wide research and teaching experience in Basic Physics, Optical Physics, Electromagnetic Waves, Experimental Methods, Data analysis. He is member of the Aragonese and the Spanish Committees of Physics Olympiad and Spain’s representative for the organization of Iberoamerican Physics Olympiad.